Five Sorrows

Back to the Beginning

In 2006, I released the Five Sorrows EP entitled simply, “Prelude”.  Its intention was to be just that; a beginning, or precursor if you will, of what was to come.

Like many things, it didn’t happen as planned.

Quite honestly, the EP was a rushed effort to meet the requests we had been receiving at live shows for a CD.  Due to these time constraints, lack of proper finances and other difficulties, Prelude just never made it up to my own expectations.

The last few years since then have been occupied with other projects and Five Sorrows, although always in the back of my mind, seems to have gotten pushed aside.

It is now 2011 and I am pleased to announce that I am shifting the focus back to Five Sorrows.  The first project I am currently working on is a reworking, if you will, of Prelude.  Due to the constraints and difficulties of before, it has always been a goal of mine to finish Prelude as I had originally conceived it.

There were several other songs written at the time that were never quite finished in time for Prelude’s release and it had always been a regret to have not been able to include them.  If you had the chance to see Five Sorrows perform in 2005-2006, then you have heard some of these songs in our live set.

It is my intention to completely revise, re-record and complete five of the tracks from the original release of Prelude in addition to ten other unreleased tracks for this upcoming, as-yet-untitled album.

Following this, it is also my intention to release an album comprised of mostly cinematic scores and instrumental tracks and then an album of entirely new songs.

These things take time, however, so the release dates of these projects are still unknown.  It is my hope, however, to have the Prelude revision completed and released by year’s end, followed by the other projects sometime in 2012.

I will be consistently updating on this revision process, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Myspace, here and many of the other places you find us.

Five Sorrows live at Cornerstone 2006