Five Sorrows


Famed fantasy writer Neil Gaiman once wrote a short story entitled “Violent Cases” about gangsters in the 1930s who carried their machine guns in the guise of violin cases. This is similar to the tactics employed by Five Sorrows creator Kenn Little. Five Sorrows performs industrial, electronic- based goth rock similar to Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Stabbing Westward and Circle of Dust; and while these artists may be influences, Five Sorrows possesses a sound which is uniquely its own. Fusing elements of industrial, goth, hip hop and various electronica with lush strings and melancholy piano, Five Sorrows creates sounds that evoke, mimic and sometimes mock the very human emotions we experience on a daily basis.The project itself began sometime in 2003.

The individual himself began sometime in 1977.

The Five Sorrows debut EP, “Prelude” was released in July of 2006.  Is is currently out of print and available only via digital means, such as iTunes.


Accolades for Prelude:

“Very unique sound…A whole new breed of trip hop…makes for good listening.” -RedCloud, rap artist.

“a 10 out of 10… definitely a fresh breath to industrialized goth/metal music and also to the underground…somewhere between Pretty Hate Machine/Downward Spiral…a soon to be goth/industrial CLASSIC…” -S.O.I. Records/ Extreme Metal Zine ..


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